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We are unlike any other institution of higher learning- one of the lowest tuition costs of any similar school with a high quality, full term, on-line education. In order to keep tuition low and to support as many students who want a Christian education as possible, we depend on donations to our institution. We ask that you help us to make this dream a reality for aspiring ministers and Christian workers everywhere. Please donate through our GoFundMe/McDowell-Bible-College account which is linked as 'Donate' above.

Tuition Cost and Fees

MBC Scholarships are available available depending on your grades and financial circumstances. Contact admissions for details.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are also available. Contact registration for details about payment plans.

(All costs are listed in US dollars and all tuition must be paid in US dollars.)
• Tuition cost per semester hour: $50
• Tuition cost for a 3 semester hour course: $150
• Cost of a certificate of about a year and 36 hours: $1800 plus books, computer hardware and software, internet and the fees listed below.
• Cost of a diploma of 60 hours: $3000 plus books, computer hardware and software, internet and the fees listed below.
• Admissions Application Fee - $50* Not billed until after admitted. If you are refused admission, then you pay nothing. This fee is used to offset administrative costs.
• Late Registration Fee - $50* Must be paid to receive grades or transcripts for courses at end of term.
• Graduation Application Fee: $150* (Includes ceremony, cap and gown, diploma and graduation picture, dinner, and unlimited on-line unofficial transcripts.)
• Official Transcript fee: $10*.
• Unofficial Transcript from Website: Free.
• We do not have a financial aid office, as we cannot provide external government financial support, but it is unneeded as our tuition is low. MBC also provides internal support indicated above with scholarships and payment plans, so costly loans with interest are unneeded.
* NOTE: Books, computer, software, fees and internet requirements are student's responsibility. Admission, Graduation fees, and most other fees are non-refundable.

McDowell Bible College
An on-line international school that serves English speaking Christian students around the world.
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