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Tuition Cost, Scholarships and Fees

Fees and Tuition
Payment Plans
Pastor and Low/Moderate Income Scholarships

Most of our students attend free or at a low tuition rate, yet are provided a quality, demanding education equivalent to schools costing many times more than our standard hourly tuition rate below.

Fees and Tuition

(All costs listed are listed as and must be paid in U. S. dollars.)
Tuition cost per semester hour -
   Low income pastors, staff and members of evangelical churches: FREE*
   Moderate income pastors, staff and members of evangelical churches: undergrad: $50, graduate: $65*
   Regular students: undergrad: $100, graduate: $130
   * See scholarships for free or lower tuition requirements and availability.
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• Admissions application fee - $50* Not billed until the first week of the first term. If you are refused admission, then you pay nothing. This fee is used to offset administrative costs.
• Certificate completion fee - $50* There is no graduation for those granted certificates. The official certificate with school cover will be mailed to you.
• Graduation application fee: $150* Includes diploma with school cover, cap and gown, graduation dinner, and graduation ceremony.
• Replacement diploma or certificate fee: $20 Does not include school cover.
• Late registration fee: $10* per course.
• Official transcript fee: $15* First request after graduation is free.
• Late account payment fee to include any accumulated fees and tuition: $10* per course per month.

*Important Notes:
• Books, computer, software, fees and internet requirements are the student's responsibility. Failure to purchase books and other requirements is no excuse and will impact your grade unless you withdraw, though many courses may provide online E-books for free for scholarship holders.
• Tuition may be refunded for withdrawal from a class beginning at 90% the first week of class, then minus 10% less for each week thereafter. No tuition will be refunded after the seventh week of class.
• All fees are non-refundable.
• All students must pay the full graduation fee and are highly encouraged to attend the graduation. You will not receive your diploma until the day of graduation. Those who cannot attend graduation will receive their diplomas and cap and gown by mail to be shipped no later than two weeks after graduation.
• All may request one free official transcript indicating the degree completion after the end of the term that they have completed of all degree requirements if they have already applied and paid for graduation.
• No grades, transcripts, certificates nor diplomas are released until accounts are paid in full.

Payment Plans
• Payment plans are also available. Contact registration (see Contact Us page for email address) for the most recent details about payment plans. You can pay as little as 1/3 of the balance down and 1/3 per month for two months afterwards with no interest or late fee charged.


McDowell Bible College has two levels of scholarships for any of our certificates or diplomas for members of any evangelical church. However, funds for this are limited, so you would need to apply for admissions and this scholarship as soon as possible.

• You must have completed an admissions application and you must meet all admissions requirements for McDowell Bible College.
• You must be able to pay for your books, computer, internet costs and all non-tuition fees. Some books may be provided online to some low income students.
• You must have a high school degree or were awarded a GED or equivalent high school examination in another country, or have at least 15 college hours at another college, with a 2.5 (C+) average (undergraduate) or 3.00 (B) college gradepoint average (graduate), or higher.
• You must have no college degree related to the program and level for which you seek admissions
• Full scholarship for tuition only is awarded to any pastor, staff member, or member of an evangelical church that makes $25,000 or less total annual household income. You may add an additional $5,000 to the maximum threshold for each additional dependent spouse or child listed on your last income tax filing.
• A 50% tuition scholarship for tuition only is awarded to any pastor, staff member, or member of an evangelical church that makes $50,000 or less total annual household income. You may add an additional $5,000 to the maximum threshold for each additional dependent spouse or child listed on your last income tax filing.

Application Process
• First, apply to McDowell Bible College for admissions into the Certificate or Degree program. You must have an application completed before applications will be accepted and you will be considered for a scholarship.
• Send an email to admissions (see contact us page for admissions email address), requesting a scholarship at least two weeks before the start of the term you wish to receive the scholarship. The earlier you are admitted and request a scolarship, to better chance you have of obtaining one. Include the following in your email:

1. Your assigned User ID from your McDowell Bible College admissions application.
3. Name, address and phone number of someone who can verify your membership attendance in the church listed in your application.
4. Attach to the email a copy of the proof of your highest education level (.jpg, .pdf, etc.), such as high school transcript, GED or other high school equivalency test results, or college transcripts (from a reputable college – please, no degree mills). Your scholarship will be probationary until official copies are sent from the school or agency.
5. Attach to the email a color photocopy (.jpg, .pdf, etc.) of a government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport photo and ID page, state ID card, military ID, etc.
6. State which scholarship, 50% or full, for which you qualify.
7. For income related scholarships, you must attach a copy of your last income tax statement. If your income has changed since then and it will affect the scholarship, send a month of pay stubs or deposits.
8. For all scholarships, send some proof of your membership or name and contact email of someone at the church you listed in your application who can verify you as a member and any positions or ministries you hold in the church or to which you aspire and feel called to serve.
7. You must maintain a 2.5 (C+) average (undergrad), 3.0 (B) college gradepoint average (graduate), or higher, as well as all eligibility qualifications as stated above to keep either scholarship above.
IMPORTANT: Scholarship awardees must let MBC know of any changes that affect qualification for the scholarship. It will not affect the current term, but may affect future scholarship benefits. Failure to note changes in eligibility requirements or fraudulent requests for any scholarships can result in being billed for costs and even suspension or expulsion. Honesty is of paramount importance at MBC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Scholarships are granted for one (1) school year (June to May), then proof of eligibility must be provided once again for the next year. The number of scholarships granted vary from year to year, so there is no guarantee that scholarships alone will take you through your entire degree program, though that is usually the case as long as you meet requirements. Requirements may be raised or lowered depending on available funds. Failure to meet all requirements, such as gradepoint average, income, etc., may result in the revocation of the scholarship at the end of the term for which qualification ended. Failure to report such changes in status may result in billing for back tuition and posible disciplinary action. MBC requires all Christian students to show the utmost honesty in all their dealings at the college.

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