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We are unlike any other institution of higher learning- one of the lowest tuition costs of any similar school with a high quality, full term, on-line education. In order to keep tuition low and to support as many students who want a Christian education as possible, we depend on donations to our institution. We ask that you help us to make this dream a reality for aspiring ministers and Christian workers everywhere. Please donate through our GoFundMe/McDowell-Bible-College account which is linked as 'Donate' above.


September 10
• Fall 2018 term begins.

November 26
• Registration for Spring 2019 term begins.

December 21
• Admissions for Spring 2019 term ends.

December 22
• Fall 2018 term ends.

December 28
• Regular Registration for Spring 2019 term ends.


January 4
• Late Registration for Spring 2019 term ends ($50 late fee).

January 7
• Spring 2019 term begins.

April 15
• Deadline for Admissions applications for the Summer term.

April 20
• Spring term ends.

April 22
• Registration for Summer term begins.

(Dates subject to change. Dates on the calendar page supercede dates on other pages and are the most accurate and used by MBC to conduct operations.)

McDowell Bible College
An on-line international school that serves English speaking Christian students around the world.
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