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This is an fully online school operated by many qualified volunteer staff and faculty who work mostly remotely, both locally, in more than one State in the U.S., and elsewhere around the world. Therefore, email is the preferred method of contact and the quickest and most accurate way to reach your party with your questions. However, feel free to call us at any time as we serve students in many time zones around the world. If you are unable to reach your party, please leave a detailed message with your name, purpose of the call and a return number. At this time, visits to our offices are by appointment only, so please call at least two days in advance to set up an appointment on campus with a local MBC representative. For applicants, contact admissions by email only. Students, remember that your best resources are to contact your academic advisor or instructor by email. For website or technical issues, contact IT at the email address below. Thank you for your interest in McDowell Bible College where it is our mission to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in training others to spread the Gospel around the world.

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McDowell Bible College
923 Vanderbilt St.
Birmingham, Alabama 35206 USA
Most of our staff and faculty are Christian educators working remote from literally around the world, therefore, visit by appointment only by emailing the Information email address above.

Telephone: Country Code 1 Area/City Code: 205 Tel: 382-8202

McDowell Bible College, Inc. is a non-profit Christian bible college dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.

McDowell Bible College
An on-line international school that serves English speaking Christian students around the world.
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